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Summer is a Big Mac

What an incredible group of 4th graders here at Little Turtle Elementary. Their keen ideas and interesting creativity made this effort fun. I hope we get to work together again soon.

Nice work guys!!



Summer is a Big Mac

Floating in the swimming pool

Floating out where there’s no school


Then something funny

A horse is jumping in the pool

With the mule


And then we say “ohhh”

And then we say “oh oh”

And then we say “ohhh”

And then we “uh oh!”

V 2

And then we ride the horse

And we also ride the mule

To skyzone cause it’s cool

Love is an Animal

Wow! The kids in North Manchester Indiana have really done it. This group of 3rd graders just blew the lid off of songwriting. Can't believe how impressive their ideas are and how well they helped put them together. These teachers deserve some major kudos. If you know or work with anyone at Manchester Elementary, you are lucky to know someone who's passionate about building tomorrow's most creative leaders.

Here's the song these kids wrote. Check out the opening string of metaphors. I suspect you just might find your socks blown clean off.


Love is a candle

IN my popcorn

Love is an animal

Stuffed with hot chocolate

Love is remembering

The day I was born

It’s like having your heart

Blown up by a  Rocket


You make me forget

What I was a gonna say

But I want you to know

You just made my day


The restaurant is fancy

The dinner is delightful

And afterwards we all sit by the fire