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Life is a Roller Coaster

Wow! What an incredible group of 4th graders I got to work with here in Milford, IN. The creativity bubbling in this room, you'd have thought we were behind the scenes at the Grammies. Check it out for yourself. It's hard to even believe how much these kids accomplished in just an hour. Can't wait till next time!


Life is a Roller Coaster

Landing in a swimming pool

We’re screaming oh so loud

Cedar Point’s really cool


It is the middle of summer

And we are getting hotter

But I think the roller coaster’s breaking

I think it’s because of Harry Potter

We twist and turn through this

Turn through this,

turning through this life.

Turning through this life,

Twist, Twist,

Turning through this life.

My Friends and My Family

What an incredible day at Sharp Creek Elementary. These kids are razor sharp. Loved their ideas and brainstorming. This was one of those incredible sessions where the biggest problem is having too many great ideas, which is the best problem to have. You can hear the results below. I suspect you'll be hearing more from this group soon!


My Friends and family

Eating on my dime

My friends and family

Leave me lemon lime


My friends and family

Give me so much time

My friends and family

They never leave

They never leave

Never leave my side