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My Donut is a Sculpture

I've done so many of these workshops over the years, but this is my absolute favorite of all time. Got to visit my son Gavin's class today. They wrote a song about a Donut that's such a work of art it earned its own song. Simply exquisite!

Thank you kids for making my time there so much fun. Thank you Gavin for having such cool friends. Thank you Mrs. Hepp for inviting me in. I haven't enjoyed myself so much in a long long time.

Can't wait to see what you guys decide to write next!



My donut is a sculpture

A major working of art

(it is a perfect rainbow) -

And it fills up my heart


I taste the flavor

And something explodes

Igniting in my mind

And down to my toes

My Bugatti!

Yesterday I met this group of 6th graders over at Andrew J Brown Academy in Indianapolis and they threw down! Man did they pile on the ideas and we wound up with some fast and furious lyrics. 



My Bugatti’s like a cupcake

In a nightclub

My Bugatti leaves me feelin’

Brighter than a lightbulb


My Bugatti stacks of money

In a new pair of jeans

My Bugatti is an Xbox

And I’m the one on the screen


On the Race track

On the street

Hit it with my feet

I’m the one who can’t be beat



I see my haters

In my taters

They through tomaters

But I keep standing up tall


Friendship traitors

They through tomaters

But I keep standing up tall