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Love is Christmas

These kids were simply too impressive. Such creative clarity, and the speed with which they came up with rhymes and metaphors. I can't believe how impressed I am with this group.

Several of these kids even wrote their own songs during this workshop. I got to see so many examples right after. I suspect you've not seen the last of these kids. Who knows. You might even be hearing them on Spotify soon.



Love is baseball

Love is gymnastics on the floor

Love is music

Love is lasting evermore


Love is a bowling alley

Love is dinner

Love is knowing my best friend

Is a winner



Everybody knows that love is Christmas


Love brings people together

Love is a rose

Love lives in every weather

Love it knows


Love is like a picnic

in the park

Love is like a puppy

Hear him bark

Creepy as a Bat

Wow! The 3rd and 4th graders in Benton Wisconsin nailed it to the wall. It was creepy and squirming and Halloween like music, and I liked it!!

Notice their use of phrasing, simile and metaphor. I'm completely blown away. Maybe even a bit terrified. I certainly won't look at spiders quite the same way again soon.


My brother is a Haunted House

He’s a cemetery

He’s making vampire spiders

In his room, and they’re scary


He’s making them at midnight

So they’ll be out of the sun

I think they’re scary

But he says they’re fun


He’s creepy as a bat

Creepy as a mummy’s tomb

Can you imagine that

If he was related to you

Creepy as a bat

Creepy as a mummy’s tomb

He holds a chucky doll

As he flies around on his rotten Broom