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Rock Stars they Rock the Night

Had a great time in Oklahoma City today. The kids at sky Ranch Elementary know how to ROCK!!!!  

Had a blast brainstorming and writing with the 5th graders. They showed off some crazy creative chops. Then they came back in the evening, stood up with me in front of 300 parents and totally cleaned up!  They nailed it to the wall!!  I think you're gonna see more from these guys.

Hope you like their song.  


Rock Stars they rock the night
They wanna hear us scream
Rock stars they rock they night
For some free ice cream

Because it’s hot on stage
Because it’s hot on stage
Because it’s hot on stage
And of course they work for minimum wage

I go to Braums and take the ice cream away
Ice cream away
I take it home where I eat it all day
Eat it all day
And that’s where it stays

Strawberry is the one
It’s the one for me
But you like chocolate more
That we can see

Because it’s hot onstage
Because it’s hot onstage
Because it’s hot onstage
And these rock stars are immature age

Summer in My Mind

Had a great time in Bealeton, VA Wednesday! The 4th graders brainstormed some truly fantastic ideas.

I think they definitely had summer on their mind as they wrote this one (their summer break starts today!)

I believe this was my last workshop for the 2010-11 school year. But we'll have more coming in September.

Rock on!




Summer vacation is a day in the waves
Swimming with the tide
I'm feeling so hot and so cold at the same time
These are the best days of our lives


It's like having summer in your mind
I wish I had it up there all the time
Can't you feel that summer in your mind
I just gotta shout it out
2-3-4 Yay!!!