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Baseball is my Disney World

Had a great time today with the kids in Mt. Pleasant, TN. They helped me test out a new 'video conferencing workshop' we're going to start offering this fall. They did some great work and helped us out a lot.

I love their metaphor: Baseball is my Disney World!!

Hope you enjoy the song as much as we enjoyed making it!


Baseball is my Disneyworld
It's how I get away
When I it that home run really high
It's my favorite thing to play

When I make the play
The crowd they yell hooray

So give me all that money now
I just homerun number 45
So when I hit the pitcher in the eye
And I gotta say the crowd was so surprised

Blabbermouth Dragon

Had an amazing time yesterday in Johnsville & Iberia, OH. Got to visit two schools in one day. Double the pleasure!! LOL

When we did an evening workshop and the kids got to bring their parents out. That was super cool. Seeing parents working with their kids to brainstorm and get some ideas down on paper. I loved it!

And they wrote a fun song about a silly dragon. Hope you like it!




A blabbermouth dragon
Talks too much
He´s so annoying
He talks every hour
Even in his sleep
He talks about playing games


I wonder Will he ever quit talking
I wonder will he ever quit talking

I lead him deep
into the woods
And give him an apple
He starts chomping
He´s not talking
I´m happy as a clam