Sample Documentation

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  1. What is being purchased?

The purchased item is the Read Like a Rock Star (RLARS) initiative in 3 parts which includes the ‘Excite Kids’, ‘Empower Teachers’ and ‘Engage Parents’ components. The program utilizes a rock concert aesthetic to show kids how pop-culture is built on language arts. A teacher in-service provides specific classroom strategies to increase students’ writing motivation. We engage parents and by demonstrating the value of writing skills, motivate them to help their kids at home.

  1. Total cost?

The total cost is $__________

  1. Is the program/activity/strategy supported by this purchase described in your campus improvement plan?

Yes. The Write Like a Rock Star innitiative dovetails with Section II of our campus plan which identifies specific reform strategies to address the needs of all students.

  1. What professional development will be provided in support of this purchase?

Teacher will receive in-service training on how to harness increased student motivation to differentiate instruction in the areas of reading and writing.

  1. What campus plan goal (s) supports this purchase?

The RLARS program address several campus plan goals. First, the program will increase student achievement in the areas of written expression, reading, listening comprehension (Section II: Reform Strategies). Second, the programs will increase parental involvement (Section VI: Parental Involvement). Third, the programs will offer professional development for campus staff (Section IV: Professional development for Staff).

  1. What target group will benefit from this purchase?

The target groups that will benefit from this purchase are the student subpopulations demonstrating borderline to inadequate academic progress in the areas of reading, written expression, and listening comprehension.

  1. What campus plan strategy/intervention supports this purchase?

The RLARS program provides teachers a format and strategy to differentiate instruction for academically-struggling students. When implemented appropriately, the RLARS program can serve as an effective Tier II group intervention.

8.         How does this purchase support the district’s curriculum?

As teachers utilize the RLARS program to differentiate instruction for academically-struggling students, teachers will increase the likelihood of favorable academic outcomes with the district’s selected curriculum in the areas of reading and writing.